Hill Student Council 3v3 BBall Tournament

Friday April 7

4:00 - 8:00 pm


The Hill Student Council is again hosting a 3v3 basketball tournament to help raise money for a school gift. Last year, Student Council was able to purchase the new blue benches that are in the front of the school.


The 3v3 tournament really puts the FUN in Fundraiser - much more so than selling wrapping paper! During the tournament, the students will be holding a bake sale. We would like to provide help from our members with the following:


Bake for the bake sale
Help supervise the bake sale

Monitor the courts
Donate granola bars for the basketball players
Donate $$ if you cannot otherwise help


The students and Mr. Buege are doing most of the work - we are happy to support them - please help if you can.


If you'd like to help financially, please send your donation in an envelope marked "3v3 Basketball Tournament".  We will make sure the funds are donated directly to the sale or are used to purchase any needed supplies.  


Please click here to sign up to help


Any questions, please contact Karen Altekruse at karen@altekruse.com or 630-842-0624.


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